Book-Keeping & Management Accounts


Every business is different and we offer differing levels of book-keeping services and support to small businesses and self-employed workers.

These services include operating the whole accounts function with day to day book-keeping, by recording all accounting transactions on a live basis so it is transparent who owes you money and what suppliers you need to pay.

This service can also include credit control, where I can send out statements to overdue customers and phone them on your behalf requesting payment.

Management Accounts

Want to know your profit for the month, or how about your turnover for each month of the year? What about your cash flow forecast for the coming months?

We can provide management accounts for you, on a monthly or quarterly basis so that together we can understand how your business is really doing. We can compare the current month to previous months and quickly be able to see how the numbers compare month by month. Why is profit down this month when the sales have been higher? Perhaps you have bought extra stock this month due to a supplier discount, or you have taken on a new member of staff.

HB Accounting can create bespoke reports suited to your business needs and your personal preferences so you are looking at data that means something to you.

See how HB Accounting can help with your book-keeping